Hunter Biden Targets Trump in Criminal Case

( – Hunter Biden made a bold move on Wednesday: the first son requested permission from a court to issue a subpoena to former President Donald Trump as well as three senior Justice Department officials who served in Trump’s administration, in search of evidence that the prosecution of the Biden family is politically motivated.

Hunter Biden, who faces charges for gun law violations, is now demanding that the former president, along with Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, hand over all of their documents and correspondence concerning his criminal probe. A judge must approve the request, which also extends to Jeffrey Rosen, the former acting Attorney General, and Richard Donoghue, the former Deputy Attorney General.

The request states that Hunter Biden “seeks specific information” from three former Justice Department officials and from Trump going “to the heart” of Biden’s defense. Hunter Biden wants to prove that his prosecution is “possibly” being conducted vindictively or selectively based on “an unrelenting pressure campaign” that started during Trump’s administration. He argues that this campaign to prosecute Hunter Biden is politically motivated and violates his constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment.

Earlier this year, a plea deal for Hunter Biden fell through, after which Delaware prosecutors indicted him in September on three firearms-related charges. Hunter Biden allegedly possessed a pistol illegally while still dealing with a drug addiction, and he failed to disclose this information when purchasing the weapon. The younger Biden, who has publicly acknowledged his past addiction problems, pleaded not guilty.

Hunter Biden is now accusing Trump and his allies in Congress of launching an “almost nonstop” campaign to put “public pressure” on prosecutors to charge him. The subpoena called out criticisms of the investigation by Republican lawmakers, who portrayed the plea deal that fell through as a “sweetheart deal.” It criticized prosecutors for not charging Hunter Biden with more crimes in the indictment that followed.

Last week, Comer’s committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family as part of the impeachment inquiry brought against President Joe Biden. The White House denies that any wrongdoing took place.

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