Hunter Biden Claims He’ll ‘Flee’ America If Trump is Reelected

( – Acquaintances say Hunter Biden has vowed to leave the nation as a drastic measure if Donald Trump is reelected. This comes after months of political assaults and increasing legal problems.

He has been the focal point of Republican attempts to cast aspersions on his father’s integrity during his time as vice president. Two sources close to Hunter have reported that he is deeply concerned about potentially serving nearly twenty years behind bars if convicted of the six misdemeanors and three felonies filed against him last week.

The 53-year-old president’s son is now under investigation for tax and weapons charges, and the risk he poses is symbolic of his character. The goal, according to Hunter, who spoke with artist Moby on a podcast, is to murder him since they knew his father wouldn’t endure the anguish.

State and national polls show that Trump is ahead of President Biden, according to recent surveys. In six out of seven critical swing states, according to Morning Consult’s survey, Trump is ahead of Biden. Trump has a three-point edge over Biden among male voters of color, according to CNN’s polls.

Jonathan Lemire, a writer for Politico, suggests that Hunter’s legal troubles could have an impact on the 2024 election. Frustrated that the issue wasn’t over, members of the president’s inner circle vented their frustrations. Joe Biden’s political standing might take a hit if the trials proceed, according to some Democrats.

The report about Hunter may potentially derail Biden’s campaign, says a Democratic consultant.

After the 2022 election, in November, House investigators began looking into the Bidens. Hunter provided funds to Joe Biden and nine other Biden relatives.

Another Democrat strategist, Brad Bannon, has speculated that the scandal surrounding Hunter’s financial transactions may serve a similar purpose for Republicans as the email scandal did for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The president reportedly takes issue with anybody seeing Hunter as a potential political problem, and as a result, his advisers have ceased challenging his desire to bring Hunter closer within the household.

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