Gov. Abbott Cautions Universities To Prevent Advocacy for Genocide and Antisemitism

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has warned universities in the Lone Star State to make sure they avoid teaching or endorsing radical left-wing viewpoints or permit antisemitism on campus. Speaking at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s annual conference, Governor Abbott said that prospective employers are not interested in political or social standpoints because they are “not applicable to what they are trying to achieve when they hire an employee.”

Mr. Abbott also warned that Jewish students in Texas should not be subjected to the open antisemitism seen on US college campuses since the terrorist attack against Israel on October 7. He told university authorities that they have a responsibility of leadership to ensure that protestors and demonstrators do not advocate for Jewish genocide and to take action when codes of conduct are breached. “It is completely unacceptable in the state of Texas, period,” he said.

Universities in the US are under scrutiny following protests by pro-Palestinian activists that have numerous times included chants considered antisemitic or that advocate the destruction of the Jewish state. Such chants were heard on the campuses of some of America’s most prestigious schools, including Harvard, whose President was grilled recently in Congress over the lack of action taken by the college in response to antisemitic chanting.

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik questioned Harvard President Claudine Gay, as well as the Presidents of the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at a recent Congressional hearing, and asked Gay whether chanting for the death of Jews, or the destruction of Israel, broke Harvard’s code of conduct.

Gay’s responses went viral online as she appeared to continually deny any codes were breached and repeated the elite institution’s commitment to free speech. Rep. Stefanik confronted Gay with evidence that students have been expelled or applicants rejected on the grounds of memes shared on social media that some perceived as racist or sexist. Ms. Gay did not explicitly respond to those points.

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