Former Green Beret Slams Biden – Pushes For Veterans In Congress

( – A former Green Beret has accused President Biden of incompetence and called for more military veterans to stand for election to Congress. Pat Harrigan, who is running for Congress in North Carolina, said Biden’s military failures prompted him to take a stand. Speaking to Fox News, Harrigan said he is “extremely concerned” about America’s future. He cited the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as evidence of the President’s mishandling of crucial issues. He said Biden was “criminally incompetent.”

Mr. Harrigan has previously run for Congress in the Democrat-majority 14th Congressional District in North Carolina in 2022, having served as an Army officer assigned to a Special Forces unit in Afghanistan. He says his military background gives him a perspective on leadership that many politicians do not have. Speaking of America’s role as leader of the free world, he argued that the US can do much better, and when it fails, “the world burns.” The former soldier lashed out at “career politicians” and an endless stream of lawyers that dominate US politics, saying if this doesn’t change, America’s problems will never be solved.

US troops withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021 following a deal negotiated by Donald Trump with the Taliban in 2020. Trump promised to reduce America’s presence gradually and to release hundreds of Taliban prisoners, a process which took place throughout 2020.

When President Biden entered the White House, he vowed his commitment to Trump’s deal but pushed the withdrawal date forward to August 2021, and the last planes left on August 31. Images of the departure, however, which many believed was chaotic and disorganized, were viewed worldwide, causing embarrassment for the Biden administration. Such images included Afghans gripping onto planes as they tried to depart from Kabul airport.

A US State Department report criticized the withdrawal, while Presidents Trump and Biden blamed each other. Mr. Trump called it one of the most humiliating days in America’s history.

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