Fleitz: China Meddling to Get Biden Reelected

(ConservativeSense.com) – Fred Fleitz of the Center for American Security has said that China is meddling in the US Presidential election and hopes to return Joe Biden to the White House. His remarks come days after Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he had uncovered evidence of election interference from the communist country.

Mr. Blinken made the remarks after returning from the three-day visit to China, but Fleitz said he finds the Secretary of State’s concerns odd, given that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is keen for a Biden Presidency.

CCP expert Gordon Chang agreed that China is likely attempting to influence the election because it fears Donald Trump and the tough stance he could take against the country.

Mr. Chang furthermore suggested that Chinese immigrants are entering the US with pernicious intent. They are “engaging in some very disturbing activity,” he said.

Secretary Blinken met with several Chinese officials during his trip, including President Xi Jinping, and told reporters on his return that he had witnessed “evidence of attempts to influence” November’s result. He said this was “totally unacceptable” and the Biden administration would do all it could to prevent outside influence.

Experts suggest China will use artificial intelligence to promote messages on social media aimed at swaying audiences and promoting its own interests.

Beijing has vehemently denied any intention to meddle in external elections, even though it is not the first time it has faced such claims. Last year, for example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed an independent investigator to examine allegations that the CCP had tried meddling with elections there.

Speaking at a press conference in Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau said China, Iran, and Russia “have attempted to interfere not just in our democracy but in our country in general.” He emphasized, however, that the federal elections of 2019 and 2021 were unaffected. China reacted furiously, stating it had never paid attention to Canada’s elections and describing Trudeau’s accusations as “total nonsense.”

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