FBI Whistleblower Slams House Republicans After They Voted For Funds For New FBI HQ

(ConservativeSense.com) – Former FBI agent Steve Friend blasted the Republican House last week after they rejected an amendment that would have barred funding in the House appropriations bill to build a new FBI headquarters, calling them “soulless demons,” Fox News reported.

Last week, the House rejected an amendment introduced by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz to prohibit funding for the new FBI headquarters from being included in the House appropriations bill. In a 273-to-145 vote, the amendment failed, with 203 Democrats and 70 Republicans rejecting it.

North Carolina Republican Rep. Dan Bishop called out the 70 Republicans who rejected Gaetz’s amendment, asking in a post on X why Congress would reward the FBI for its “brazen, weaponized, and abusive activity” by providing a $300 million headquarters that is “larger than the Pentagon.”

Bishop argued that the FBI should not receive a single penny for the new headquarters until it “stops violating the rights of Americans.”

Friend quote-posted Bishop, adding that he believes the FBI should be defunded “entirely.”

In a subsequent post, Friend zeroed in on the 70 Republican lawmakers who rejected the amendment, noting that he brought Congressional Republicans whistleblower disclosures about the FBI’s weaponization that the GOP lawmakers then used “to go on TV and get elected.”

Friend said he lost his career and is under investigation by the FBI, and he blasted the Republicans, calling them “soulless demons” and telling them to “go to hell.”

The Washington Post reported last week that the new FBI headquarters will be located in Green Belt, Maryland, despite objections from FBI leadership who wanted the headquarters to remain in Washington, DC.

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