DeSantis Law Enforcement Recruitment Drive Pulls In Recruits From All US States

( – The Sunshine State now faces an influx of potential law enforcement candidates from all across the country following the initiative by presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to advertise throughout all 50 states.

Last year, DeSantis launched a program called the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus, which offered a single $5,000 bonus payment to each new officer hired in the state. The initiative included advertising such as billboards.

One such billboard was installed in Illinois in September, advertising the program and encouraging police to “make the smart move” by coming to Florida. Illinois was targeted for the ad after the state approved scrapping cash bail, creating an environment lighter on crime, and also allowing immigrants who aren’t citizens to become law enforcement officers.

DeSantis, who’s been on the campaign trail for president in 2024, has also been visiting Democrat-run towns and cities on a pro-police tour, including Chicago and Philadelphia, which are dealing with high crime rates. DeSantis now claims his administration has attracted almost 1,000 new officers to the Sunshine State from the other 49 states. A total of 3,350 new officers have been recruited in Florida since DeSantis launched the initiative.

DeSantis said his state has “stood up for what is right” in the face of a “lack of support” for law enforcement across the country and “the important work” they do. The Florida governor says his “back-the-blue policies” have attracted police “from all 50 states” as well as two US territories. DeSantis reiterated that Florida “will continue to support law and order” and to invest in law enforcement, which has become a major staple of his presidential campaign.

Aside from the $5,000 bonus, Florida also offers various state benefits for police officers, including programs for student loan forgiveness and programs for home loans.

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