Cruz Drops Measure To Sanction Hamas And Freeze Iran’s Assets

( – Texas Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a proposal to sanction Hamas and seize Iran’s assets in response to the October 7 attack on Israel. The Hamas Sanctions Act will prohibit funding for the designated terror group and place economic sanctions on every known member. Cruz’s bill will also freeze all international assets belonging to Iran, including a refreeze of the $6 billion unfrozen by the White House just weeks before the surprise attack that killed more than 1,400 Israelis.

President Biden insists that the $6 billion made available to the Iranian regime for “humanitarian” reasons has not been spent and was not used to fund the October 7 terror attack. South Korea held the funds as part of a previous series of sanctions on the Islamic regime.

Senator Cruz said, “The United States must stand with Israel in every way for as long as it takes them to utterly eradicate Hamas, and the Hamas Sanctions Act is a necessary part of that effort.”

Cruz lashed out at the Biden administration, saying it had funneled hundreds of millions to the Gaza Strip despite knowing it would end up in the hands of a group officially recognized as terrorists by the United States. He calls for sanctions on all landowners, banks, and even hotels that accommodate Hamas or its members.

Furthermore, President Biden must provide regular updates to Congress about whether Qatar or Turkey are assisting Hamas and if this should qualify them for the status of state sponsors of terrorism and therefore liable to sanctions.

Some GOP Congress members continue to blame the Biden administration for helping to facilitate the early morning invasion of Israel that stunned the world. Presidential primary frontrunner Donald Trump said American taxpayers had helped fund the attack, and Biden had undone his efforts to defund Hamas. Former Vice President Mike Pence said the Biden administration has weakened America on the world stage. “Weakness arouses evil,” he said.

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