Cruz and White House Trade Blows Over Biden’s Israel Response

( – The White House and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas exchanged verbal blows this week regarding the response by President Joe Biden and his administration to the attacks on Israel by the radical Palestinian group Hamas.

In an interview with Fox News, Cruz accused the Biden administration of holding sympathetic views toward the idea of calling for a cease-fire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East negotiator for the US State Department, responded to Cruz’s remarks, telling that the senator was “wrong” and that the Biden administration has been “nothing other than completely supportive” of the Jewish state’s right to defend itself.

Cruz responded to the fact check on Twitter by pointing out that it technically “admits” he was “right” that the President “immediately called on Israel not to retaliate” after the Hamas attack “because it’s true.” They then have to “quote ‘experts’ anyway” to portray Biden as “100% supportive of Israel,” experts who Cruz says “have been in charge of Middle East diplomacy for decades.” He then claimed this “explains how” the stage was set for “Iranian terrorists” to help Hamas “launch the worst one-day mass murder” of Jewish people since World War II.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the White House, told Fox News Digital that Cruz obviously “hasn’t asked anyone in Israel” about the subject, noting a New York Times article about billboards erected in Israel featuring Biden’s face and thanking the US for their support. “Thank you, Mr. President,” the billboards read.

The article claims that “a wedge between the Democratic Party and the Jews” was driven by the politics of former President Donald Trump and that Biden’s administration has “united a fractured Israeli society” and healed “animosities” between the two biggest Jewish communities in the world (Israel and the US).

In his rebuttal, Cruz also pointed out that after the Oct. 7 attack, the US Office of Palestinian Affairs posted a call for “all sides to refrain from violence” and retaliation, a post that was quickly deleted. The senator also noted a post the following day in which State Secretary Antony Blinken told the Turkish foreign minister to advocate “for a cease-fire,” which was also deleted.

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