Biden’s Mental Fitness a ‘Weak Point’ for Voters

( – As the presidential election draws nearer, Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about President Joe Biden and whether or not he’s physically and mentally capable of handling a second term. One of the latest polls conducted in battleground states found that most voters believe the president’s health and “mental fitness” are his main “weak point.”

The poll was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates from Jan. 16 to Jan. 21 and had some interesting results as respondents were questioned about Biden’s health, his handling of various issues, and alternative candidates.

The most striking find was that 82% of potential voters polled in swing states believe Biden’s “mental fitness” and overall health are his primary weakness as a candidate. When asked if they felt how the president has been handling the open border and illegal immigration crisis, 79% said Biden’s efforts are a weak point for his administration. Respondents were also asked about how the president has handled rising prices and inflation, which 76% also considered a weak point for Biden.

Other areas mentioned in the survey were the president’s failure to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and supporting terrorist organizations, which 75% saw as a “weak point,” and Biden’s leadership ability, at 74%. Seventy-three percent also viewed the Biden family business ties with China as a weak point.

The potential voters were also questioned about which candidates they favored. Former President Donald Trump came in the lead with 42%, while Biden came in second at 34%. Behind him was independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy at 11%, and third-party candidate Cornel West. One percent favored Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and 10% were undecided.

Biden’s health and mental aptitude have been in question since before he even took office, raising concerns amongst lawmakers and voters about the president’s ability to serve in the highest office in the land. On Thursday, Feb. 8, a special counsel report on the probe of the president’s mishandling of classified documents described Biden’s memory as “fuzzy,” “poor,” “faulty,” and “hazy.” The report said Biden’s ability to recall has “significant limitations,” and they exempted him from prosecution.

In sum, Biden is apparently too mentally incompetent to stand trial but competent enough to remain president, according to the Democratic Party. The swing state survey shows most voters disagree with that sentiment.

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