Biden’s Border Situation Branded As A ‘Joke’

( – A former acting commissioner for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says the situation at the southern border under President Joe Biden has become a “joke.”

Mark Morgan, a former acting CBP Commissioner, appeared on Newsmax over the weekend and told “Sunday Agenda” host Lidia Curanaj that Biden’s handling of the border crisis is a “joke.”

The former CBP commissioner also noted a recent incident last month in the El Paso sector where a group of roughly 100 immigrants trying to cross the border illegally “physically, knowingly, and with intent” ignored US military and Border Patrol orders and broke through a border fence. They then rushed at the guards, “physically assaulting” multiple American personnel.” Video footage of the incident captured by the New York Post quickly went viral.

Morgan said each immigrant “involved in the melee” with the guards “should be charged, convicted,” and then deported. He added that under the Biden administration, there’s been “a level of chaos and lawlessness” at the border that’s never been seen before in American history.

The former acting commissioner also aimed at Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom Morgan accused of stepping aside and allowing massive amounts of immigrants to reach and cross the US-Mexico border illegally. Morgan said Obrador only makes “feigned” attempts to pretend “he’s going to do something” that he believes the Mexican president wants Biden to stay in office in order to do what he thinks “is extortion.”

Morgan also mentioned the funding bill rejected by Senate Republicans in February that included border security, which he said was a “bunch of crap” because it didn’t solve the border problem, which Morgan maintains is one of “policy” and not funding. Morgan said the bill would’ve allowed the CPB to “get better at processing and releasing” immigrants rather than actually secure the border.

Morgan also noted a House bill from “ten months ago” that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “sat on” and which Biden said he would not sign, a bill he called one of the “strongest” border security bills proposed. He accused the Democrats of being the ones who “want this issue” to continue.

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