Biden Aims To Finish The Job Against Guns

( – President Joe Biden delivered a speech on crime prevention and community safety this week, and said his administration has beaten the National Rifle Association (NRA) and is planning “to finish the job.”

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Biden delivered remarks about his “actions to fight crime and make our communities safer” in the State Dining Room to a group of law enforcement officials hailing from key swing states. During the speech, Biden touted a decline in crime rates in major cities and petitioned Congress to take additional action to support police and implement gun control. The president said his administration “beat the NRA” and is “going to finish the job.”

In his speech, Biden said his administration “made historic investments” into strategies he said have been proven to stop crime and violence from happening “in the first place.” The president claimed his programs relied on “trusted messengers” that included locals with experience in the prison system and “know what they’re talking about.” Biden said where those programs are in place, violent crime decreased by 30 to 60%.

Biden said his plan “goes after the scourge of gun violence,” and claimed that he’s “taken more executive actions” than any other administration in American history to “stop the flow of illegal guns” into the country. He then referenced a 2022 law that incentivized red flag laws and more rigorous background checks of young adults trying to purchase a firearm. These laws allow judges to order firearms confiscations if there’s any indication that an individual may use the weapon to hurt others or themselves.

The president touted the law as the most important gun safety legislation passed “in nearly 30 years” and framed it as a major defeat of the NRA. Republicans view red flag laws as another government overreach that infringes on the Second Amendment.

The NRA said the law has the potential to be abused and used “to restrict lawful gun purchases,” infringing on the rights of citizens who follow the law while using federal funds to pay for gun control measures. They said the 2022 law “leaves too much discretion” in government official’s hands and consists of provisions that are “undefined and overbroad.”

Biden vowed “to finish the job” and promised to ban high-capacity magazines and assault weapons, and references the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, of which he put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge last September.

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