White House Blames Trump For Immigrants Charging The National Guard

(ConservativeSense.com) – After footage of a hoard of immigrants breaking through a border fence and charging at National Guard soldiers went viral last week, President Joe Biden is shifting the blame for the incident and the ongoing border crisis to his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, March 22, a White House spokesperson told The Daily Caller that Trump is responsible for the “chaos” at the southern border for encouraging Republicans to strike down a bipartisan funding bill in February. Reporters specifically asked the Biden administration about a recent viral video captured by a New York Post reporter which showed a massive group of immigrants, which appeared to comprise all men, breaking through a border fence and rushing at National Guard soldiers before reaching a metal gate.

According to The Post, the group who broke through razor wire and fencing and charged at National Guard soldiers broke off from a massive caravan of about 600 immigrants attempting to enter the US illegally.

In a statement replying to The Daily Caller’s inquiry, a White House spokesperson said that when Trump told Republicans in the Senate “to block the bipartisan border security agreement,” he took the blame onto himself. The statement said the result was a failure of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star as the razor wire installed under the plan was “overrun.” The White House also thanked the Border Patrol for restoring order.

The spokesperson added that while the administration couldn’t comment on individual cases, they are “promptly” removing “anyone who does not have a legal basis” to stay in the US.

As Abbott argued earlier this year after defying a Supreme Court decision allowing the federal government to remove razor wire by installing more of it, the federal government has not been consistently enforcing immigration laws on the books, which is why the state had to take matters into its own hands in the first place.

Although Trump told the GOP not to support it, Republicans ultimately struck down the border security bill because most did not feel it went far enough, that it allowed too many legal entries, and that its language endorsed “catch and release” policies.

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