Trump’s Bond Reduction Considered Huge Victory

( – Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz said last week’s decision by an appellate to reduce the bond imposed on former President Donald Trump from his New York civil fraud case represented a “big victory” because it indicates the possibility that the court will also reduce his fines.

On Sunday, March 31, the Harvard Law School professor emeritus appeared on Newsmax and said the bond reduction had to happen because the original fine was “unconstitutional” and in violation of the Eighth Amendment which “prohibits excessive fines.” Dershowitz said the amount against Trump was “excessive by every possible standard” because “no damages” or “harm” resulted from the former president’s supposed defrauding of banks and insurance companies.

New York Attorney General Letitia James indicted Trump last year on charges of overvaluing properties to obtain loans to build his real estate empire. Two of his sons were also indicted in the case, and the former Trump Group CFO, who were collectively hit with a $10 million bond on top of the $454 million Trump was facing. That $454 million has now been reduced to $175 million, which Trump posted on Monday, April 1.

After the bond reduction, James said in a statement that Trump would still face “accountability for his staggering fraud.” She said the initial judgment against the former president would still stand, while Dershowitz believes the bond reduction signals that a reduction in the judgment is also imminent.

Dershowitz told Newsmax that he believes James made a personal campaign promise to target the former president, which he said is unethical and should not be allowed by an elected prosecutor. He accused James of campaigning “on the theory that she’s going to get” Trump and “target him” before even looking at any evidence.

Ultimately, he believes James to be part of a broader campaign to take down Trump, a campaign Dershowitz said includes special counsel Jack Smith, who is working on two criminal cases against Trump, and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Dershowitz commented on these other cases against Trump, some of which he said may eventually make it to the Supreme Court. He also said Willis should be “put on trial for perjury or conspiracy to commit perjury” after hiring a special prosecutor she was having an affair with to oversee the Trump case on alleged election interference in George.

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