Trump Warns Of Biden’s Betrayal

( – President Donald Trump recently stopped in Wisconsin during the state’s presidential primary contest, where he endorsed a GOP candidate for a Senate seat and blasted the Biden administration.

On Tuesday, April 2, Trump supporters gathered in downtown Green Bay to catch a glimpse of the former president and to hear him speak. During his speech, Trump warned the crowd about President Joe Biden’s loyalty, accusing him of betraying different demographics of voters, such as union workers, Hispanic Americans, and African Americans. Trump told these groups he would “fight” for them “like never before.”

Trump suggested that under Biden’s current policies, minority communities would continue suffering and that union membership would continue to decline. He said unions would not last “very long” under the current administration and that they would not “be able to sustain it.” He said this would hurt African Americans “the worst.”

Trump also mentioned the crisis at the southern border, which he called an “invasion.” He said the crisis will “tremendously” hurt Hispanic Americans.

The former president then highlighted some of his accomplishments during his first term, claiming that his administration “built the greatest economy in the history of the world,” highlighting wage increases and record tax cuts. Trump also warned his audience about rising inflation.

The former president was accompanied on stage by a few prominent Republicans. One of them was Eric Hovde, who is running for the US Senate and received a ringing endorsement from Trump during the rally, which will surely boost his bid. Trump told Hovde that the banking executive and businessman has his “complete and total endorsement” and to “go out and win.”

Trump won Wisconsin’s GOP primary election by 79.2%. Despite having already dropped out of the race last month, his rival, Nikki Haley, still managed to draw around 12.8% of the vote. Meanwhile, Biden pulled in 88.6% in his primary contest but faced backlash from a protest movement that convinced 8.4% of voters displeased with the president to vote “uninstructed,” the equivalent to “uncommitted” in Wisconsin.

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