Trump Vows New Migrant Crackdown After Visiting US-Mexico Border

( – While on the campaign trail, former President Donald Trump traveled down to the US-Mexico border earlier this month to survey the situation and reiterate his hardline positions on the immigration crisis.

While speaking to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott alongside a group of Border Patrol agents and personnel, Trump said that any security established during the former president’s first term has now evaporated under the leadership of President Joe Biden, who defeated Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump vowed that if restored to the White House, he and his administration would “take over that border” and “make it the most secure border” in US history. He spoke to a crowd of border guards, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and other lawmakers, such as Rep. Ronny Jackson.

Abbott spoke before Trump and officially announced his endorsement of the former president for the 2024 election. He said the US “needs a president who will secure the border,” a major priority for Abbot as head of a border state, and to “prioritize national security.” Abbott said he believes the former president is “the clear choice” to take on the job.

Abbot and Trump both blamed Biden for the crisis at the border, which is affecting the entire nation now as immigrants flow in large numbers around the country. The Texas governor has taken it open himself to secure the southern border, launching Operation Lone Star and receiving resistance from the Biden administration instead of support. The federal government disagrees with Abbott’s methods, including razor-sharp barbed wire and a buoy/net barrier in the Rio Grande.

Trump said “gangs of thugs” are now pouring into the US and is ramping up his rhetoric about the situation to mirror his 2016 campaign. The former president said illegal immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of America and is using words like “vermin” to describe his opponents. During the Texas rally, he referred to them as “the enemy” and predicted at least 15 million people would be inside the US by the time Biden finishes his first term.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with his rhetoric, Trump strikes a chord with many Americans for a reason, as they’re concerned about the economic strain of a post-lockdown nation suddenly flooded by millions of new people from other places.

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