Trump Claims AI Was Used by Organization in Attack Ad

( – Former President Donald Trump is not happy about a recent advertisement attacking him, claiming that the ad uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deceive viewers and make him look bad.

Trump posted about the ad on his social media platform, Truth Social. The ad was produced by The Lincoln Project, a Democrat-aligned organization opposed to the former president. On Monday night, Trump addressed the ad and described the “once disbanded Lincoln Project” as “perverts and losers.” He then accused them of using AI in their commercials to make him “look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden,” something Trump said isn’t easy to do.

Trump went on to say that Fox News “shouldn’t run these ads” in the same way left-leaning news stations don’t “run negative ads on Biden or the Democrats.” Trump’s comment indicates he saw the ad on Fox, but it’s also available on Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere, according to a Forbes article about the incident. The article also claims that Trump is wrong about the use of AI in the ad, stating that all of the clips used in the ad are well-known gaffes by the former president from his current campaign and his time in office.

The Lincoln Project ad is titled “Feeble” on YouTube, and it describes the former president as “weak” and “unsteady.” The ad also posed a question to Trump, asking him if he’s sure that “he doesn’t have dementia.”

Rick Wilson, the co-founder of The Lincoln Project, responded to Trump’s accusations by calling him a “shambling pantload” and stating that AI wasn’t necessary to make the former president “look like a drooling codger in steep cognitive decline.” Wilson said their ad only “showed reality” and that Trump simply couldn’t handle it. He also told Trump to “stay tuned for more” and said he knows Trump “can’t look away.”

Trump remains the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Not only is he ahead of his GOP opponents in the polls, but he is also polling higher than President Joe Biden is among his own constituents.

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