Robber Wielding Hammer Targets Gun Store And Gets Fatally Shot

( – A gun store owner used his stock to shoot a thief trying to rob him with a hammer. The incident happened at the East Bay Firewarms store in Livermore, California, on October 22 when a 28-year-old thief “wearing a mask, gloves, and a hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head” entered the store and threatened the owner, who subsequently took one of his guns and shot him.

Paramedics arrived and tried to save the thief, but he died at the scene. There were five customers in the store at the time, but nobody was injured, and the store’s owner, who has not been named, will not be charged with any crime, police said.

Thieves who try to rob gun stores often pay a very high price. Two men in ski masks tried a heist in a Texas outlet in 2016, but the owner shot them both. Afterward, he said, “It’s just amazing to see someone try to come into a gun store to rob a gun store. I mean, that was a really unthought-out plan.” A writer at the pro-gun Bearing Arms website said robberies of gun stores are pretty common, but the thieves often find that the owners are more equipped and highly trained with weapons than they are.

Another bizarre incident was caught on camera in Georgia a year later, and the clips went viral on the internet. Jimmy Groover owned the store in Mapleton, and when the two robbers entered, he and his employees raised their hands and, to all appearances, cooperated with the thieves. They didn’t see Groover slide his hand behind his back into a display case housing high-powered handguns; he pulled one out and blasted the robbers. One died at the scene, and the other one fled.

Despite regular instances of store staff shooting robbers, data suggests the crime is rising. In 2012, there were 12 such robberies across the US, but this had increased to 33 by 2016.

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