Jerry Seinfeld Blames The Extreme Left For Killing Comedy

( – A new interview with comedian Jerry Seinfeld made headlines this week after he aimed at leftwing cancel culture, which the comedian blames for killing television comedy.

The interview, conducted and written by David Remnick and published on Friday, April 26, reflected on the comedian’s career and life ahead of his 70th birthday (three days later, on April 29). Seinfeld’s most talked about remarks to Remnick had to do with the change in comedy on television over the last decade.

Seinfeld said people need good comedy and “don’t get it” anymore the way they used to, at a time when it was normal to go on and flip through the channels and find various shows like “Cheers”, “All in the Family”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, and others running consistently. Seinfeld said that at that time, people expected they could go to watch something and laugh, but now things have changed because of “the extreme left and P.C. crap,” referring to political correctness.

The comedian blasted the current environment in which people worry too much about offending others and said the change is also the reason stand-up comedy is doing so well and draws such large audiences. According to Seinfeld, stand-up comedians “are not policed by anyone” but the audience. He said the audience polices stand-up comedians and lets the comedian know if they are “off track” by how they respond to a joke, forcing them to adjust “instantly” on the fly.

Seinfeld added that when someone writes a script for television it now goes into the hands of several different people, groups, and committees who then give their thoughts about each joke. He said this process is “the end” of comedy and kills the jokes.

The comedian’s sentiments went viral on social media after Elon Musk posted an audio clip of the remark with a caption stating, “Make comedy legal again!” Seinfeld is one of several comedians who have expressed dissatisfaction with so-called “woke” ideology, political correctness, and its effect on the art of laughter. Two examples are Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle, who have both been embroiled in controversy for touching on the subject.

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