Republicans Suddenly Cancel Multiple Bills

( – Republicans in the US House of Representatives canceled debate on a series of bills on April 15 to focus on the Iranian attack on Israel over the preceding weekend. GOP lawmakers had planned to introduce legislation to counter some of the Biden administration’s plans for domestic appliance regulation but changed their plans in the wake of conflict escalation in the Middle East.

The bills, which included the Stop Unaffordable Dishwasher Standards Act, the Liberty in Laundry Act, and the Affordable Air Conditioning Act, aimed to prevent the Department of Energy from placing new standards on everyday appliances if these were too costly or technologically cumbersome. It is unclear if Republicans will re-introduce these at a future date.

In their place, GOP Speaker Mike Johnson introduced a series of bills addressing the Israeli conflict, including legislation to close loopholes in already existing sanctions on Iran. The bills furthermore called for restrictions on transactions between the US and Iran and sanctions on Chinese companies that buy oil from the Islamic regime.

Controversially, a separate bill proposed designating the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as antisemitic, and another urged appointing Iran’s feared Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization.

Iran’s attack has increased the pressure on Mr. Johnson and House Republicans to pass a $95 billion military aid bill that has passed through the Senate but which Johnson previously indicated he will not back.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer told reporters he spoke with President Biden, who told him there is broad consensus among lawmakers that the House must pass the bill soon and provide essential aid to Israel. The bill, however, includes billions for Ukraine, which some Republicans object to.

On April 15, Speaker Johnson announced his intention to separate the two causes and introduce separate legislation, with one bill for Israel and another for Ukraine. Johnson added, however, that the option of passing the bills as a single package remains on the table.

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