Republican Speaker SABOTAGED – The Crowd Went Nuts!

( – Chaos broke out at the University of California, Davis on Tuesday as protesters descended on the venue where Turning Point USA hosted Charlie Kirk as speaker.

Kirk stirred up backlash last month when he made a statement on his show while speaking with a female athlete that males competing in sports against women should’ve been taken care of the way people would’ve taken care of it “in the 1950s and 60s.” Many on the political left interpreted this statement as a direct call for violence against transgender people, some even going as far as to accuse Kirk of referring to lynching.

On the morning of the TPUSA event, the Sacramento Bee published an opinion piece calling Kirk a “fascist” and reiterating the claims that he wanted to lynch trans people, which Kirk has denied.

Outside the UC Davis event venue, protesters accompanied by Antifa members dressed in black surrounded the entrance. Startling footage went viral online showing police retreating into the venue as the mob pushed toward the entrance and then proceeded to smash all of the windows on the doors.

Kirk posted the footage on his Twitter page. Elon Musk, who bought Twitter last year, commented on the footage. “Not a peaceful protest at all,” Musk replied.

Gary S. May, the UC Davis Chancellor, said in a statement that the TPUSA chapter had the right to have Kirk speak on campus, but said the university “stands with our transgender and non-binary” students opposed “to this hateful and divisive messaging.”

Before the event began, hundreds of protesters were out and about on campus, as well as a large police presence. The two groups clashed, with protesters throwing eggs and other objects at police. Protesters reportedly used pepper spray and tried to block the entrance to the venue before the event.

Two arrests were made and one officer was injured after being jumped on and pushed to the ground.

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