Oppenheimer’ Crowned Best Picture at the Oscars

(ConservativeSense.com) – Oppenheimer has won the Best Picture award at the Oscars. The film, which documents the production of the first atomic bomb, stars Irish actor Cillian Murphy in the leading role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who developed the bomb that brought the Second World War to an end. Christopher Nolan also took home the Best Director prize. Emma Stone won Best Actress for her part in Poor Things, a science fiction comedy about a woman brought back to life by the transplantation of an infant’s brain.

Oppenheimer was one of the most successful movies of 2023, taking in more than $950 million at the box office. Other cast members honored at the Academy Awards included veteran actor Robert Downey Jr, who won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Lewis Strauss, Oppenheimer’s nemesis. During his acceptance speech, Downey Jr, who had previously suffered an alcohol and drug-related downfall, thanked his “terrible childhood” and his wife, who he said had found him as a “snarling rescue pet” and “loved him back to life.”

The Zone of Interest, a British-produced Holocaust drama, won the prize for best international picture. Director Jonathan Glazer noted the current Middle East conflict during his speech and denounced Israel and its determination to wipe out terrorist group Hamas. He said Jewish identity and the Holocaust were “being hijacked” by an Israeli “occupation.”

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the ceremony for the fourth time. He opened by praising the other big movie of 2023, the feminist tale about the iconic Barbie doll. Kimmel said that before the movie’s release, his wife was more likely to buy a pack of Marlboros for their daughter than a Barbie doll.

There was a more serious side to the event, however, and protests outside attempted to disrupt it by slowing traffic and chanting pro-Palestinian slogans. “The Oscars are happening down the road while people are being murdered, killed, bombed,” one protestor’s sign read.

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