Mayor Adams Urges Rich Citizens To Step Up During Migrant Crisis Financial Woes

( – Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City, is now urging the Big Apple’s wealthiest residents to open up their hearts and their wallets to assist the city with handling its current financial situation caused by the ongoing immigration crisis.

Days after new budget cuts were announced, Adams appealed to the richest New Yorkers and said the city is at “an all hands on deck moment.” Speaking at a lunch two weeks ago for the Police Athletic League (PAL), the mayor said he will need their help “more than ever” to support such organizations as “PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others.” Adams stated that it’s time for “philanthropic interests” to “align with some of the gaps and services.”

He also urged residents to reach out to the federal government themselves and to “demand more support” for NYC as it carries what he describes as a “national crisis.The day before the remarks, the city announced widespread budget cuts, including the reduction of police officers as well as cuts in sanitation and education. The $110.5 billion budget will include cuts throughout all government agencies, which Adams said was necessary because of the $1.45 billion the Big Apple dished out during the ongoing immigration crisis. The city is expected to spend around $11 billion on the crisis over the next two years.

Recently, a rant by New York native and controversial rapper Cardi B went viral after she called out Adams and the budget cuts. As she railed against the political system and even warned about crime increasing, the rapper also noted that people from around the country already joke about how New York stinks compared to other cities when addressing the sanitation cuts.

Since the spring of 2022, more than 130,000 immigrants have entered New York, the culmination of decades of fighting to keep the southern border secure. Although the number taken on by the city is only a fraction of the 2.4 million encountered at the border in Fiscal Year 23, Adams believes the influx will eventually “destroy” New York.

Police unions and teachers in New York are furious at the budget cuts. And Adams will find little sympathy from most Republican lawmakers, who note that Adams and other Democratic mayors and governors touted their cities as “sanctuaries,” which is why many are flocking there or being sent by GOP leaders.

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