Judge Expands Gag Order Against Trump

(ConservativeSense.com) – A Judge has expanded a gagging order on Donald Trump, ordering him to stop his verbal online attacks. New York Justice Juan Merchan told the former President he could not comment on judges, attorneys, or their families, saying this serves no legitimate purpose and merely injects fear into legal proceedings, causing the people involved to worry for their families’ safety.

The case relates to a hush money payment Mr. Trump allegedly supplied to an adult film actress to buy her silence about an affair. Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, served time in prison over the scandal and testified that the former President instructed the payment of $130,000 to actress Stormy Daniels. The payments were recorded as a legal expense, and Trump is charged with falsifying documents in an attempt to influence the 2016 Presidential election.

A previous gag order required Donald Trump to refrain from making public statements about legal professionals and witnesses but did not mention their family members – the newest order changes that. It comes after Trump’s repeated attacks on Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren.

Loren Merchan has worked on numerous Democratic political campaigns, including for President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other senior party figures. She was also an executive at Authentic Campaigns, a progressive consulting firm.

In response to a Twitter post from Ms. Merchan showing Donald Trump in prison, the Republican candidate questioned if his persecution by the courts financially benefits the judge’s daughter and why it is acceptable for the family of a presiding judge to post such images while he is not permitted to respond.

Attorneys for the former President have requested Merchan be removed from the case due to his daughter’s professional interests, but he refused, saying he had consulted the New York Judicial Ethics Committee. The judge did admit, however, that his latest gagging order expansion was based on concern for his daughter.

Mr. Trump is still permitted to speak publicly about Merchan or District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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