Johnson Claims Now is NOT the Time to Talk about Gun Control

( – In his first major interview, new Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said, “Now is not the time for gun control.” Mr. Johnson spoke to Fox News about the recent mass shooting in Maine when he made the remarks. Johnson reaffirmed his staunch belief in the rights afforded by the Second Amendment to the Constitution and insisted that the “human heart” is the cause of gun violence rather than guns.

“This is not the time to be talking about legislation. We’re in the middle of that crisis right now,” he told Sean Hannity, adding that “mental health is a big issue.”

Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia responded to Mr. Johnson’s comments on Twitter, saying, “It’s actually the f***ing weapons,” but many other posters did not agree. One person wrote, “Guns don’t shoot themselves. They are inanimate objects.”

The debate on gun control surfaced again following a mass shooting in Maine that left 18 people dead. The tragedy occurred in Lewiston, Maine, and ended with the death of suspected shooter Robert Card. The latest gun killings have prompted some in both parties to reconsider their view of gun control, including Lewiston-born Democrat Jared Golden, who has previously voted against his party and opposed gun control measures.

Mr. Golden, who represents a district that twice voted for Donald Trump, has described his previous opposition to gun control as a “failure.” In the wake of the Maine shootings, Golden has urged Congress to ban assault weapons and asked for “forgiveness” for his previous stance.

President Biden reiterated his call for new legislation to tackle the problem and said Republicans on Capitol Hill must “fulfill their obligation to keep the American people safe.”

Maine Governor Janet Mills paid tribute to those killed in the incident and said she had lost a friend, Josh Seal. She described her state as “a close-knit community” and called on residents to join her in celebrating those who died as “irreplaceable.”

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