Illegal Alien Arrested For Sexual Assault On Young Girl

( – A man arrested for child molestation in Virginia last week was just confirmed by authorities to have entered the US illegally, which is the latest in a string of criminal cases involving illegal border crossers.

Renzo Mendoza Montes, 32, was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 22, by the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office for multiple felony charges. Montes allegedly molested a 14-year-old girl in Campbell County. Montes, who is imprisoned without bond, was reportedly placed in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

Law enforcement also confirmed that Montes immigrated from Venezuela and entered the US illegally in September 2023, making him the latest criminal captured who was released into the country due to the open border policies of the Biden administration.

Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin commented on the story on Monday, Feb. 26, and called for justice. He sent prayers and condolences to the victim, thanked the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department for handling the case, and said that prosecution of the culprit “must be to the fullest extent of the law.”

The news comes in the wake of President Joe Biden’s first visit to the southern border since taking office to survey the crisis he is largely blamed for by Republican lawmakers, and even some of his own Democratic Party members. The border and immigration crisis is becoming perhaps the deciding issue of the upcoming presidential election and could be a serious threat to the president’s shot at a second term as polls show the majority of American voters do not approve of the situation under his watch.

Republicans blocked a bipartisan bill meant to fund border security and impose immigration law reforms because they felt the proposal was insufficient to deal with the crisis, and many also disapproved of the bill being tacked onto foreign aid funding for Israel and Ukraine.

The arrest of Montes also mirrors a more gruesome but similar case. A 22-year-old University of Georgia student was found dead on Feb. 22 and the man arrested was discovered to be an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who was previously arrested in New York City for assaulting a minor in September 2023 and then released.

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