Idaho Woman Files Suit Against Infertility Doctor

( – An Idaho woman is suing a fertility doctor for inseminating her with his own semen without her knowledge almost 34 years ago.

In 1989, Sharon Hayes and her husband at the time were having trouble conceiving a child, so they reached out to Dr. David Claypool, a gynecologist and obstetrician, for his assistance. According to Hayes, Claypool used his sperm to artificially inseminate her without her knowledge or consent.

According to the complaint filed in Spokane County Superior Court last Wednesday, Hayes said she requested an anonymous sperm donor. Claypool informed Hayes that the selected donor would depend on the specific traits that Hayes selected beforehand and that any potential genetic issues or health risks with the donor would also be checked.

The truth came out after Hayes’ daughter, Brianna, took a DNA test in 2022 using the website 23andMe. Brianna said the revelation of her father’s true identity has “been an identity crisis” for her. She said the truth “was hidden” from her for her “whole life” and that she “felt traumatized” for her mother, who was violated by Claypool.

The lawsuit from Sharon Hayes includes allegations of medical malpractice, fraud, and other violations. Hayes’ attorney said Claypool violated consumer protection law by charging “cash for his own sperm” while mispresenting the source as an actual donor.

Brianna also made another shocking revelation from her DNA test: she found at least 16 different half-siblings in her area, implying Claypool inseminated other patients throughout his career.

When questioned, Claypool claimed he was unaware of the allegations. He also claims he doesn’t know Hayes. Claypool stopped practicing as a gynecologist and obstetrician back in 2005 and says that many of his past patients “are very happy.” He said Hayes’ case “is the first time… in 40 years” that he’s heard any complaints.

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