House GOP Report: DOJ Gave Hunter Biden ‘Special Treatment’

( – An interim House report has found that the Department of Justice (DOJ) gave special treatment to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, while conducting a criminal probe. The House Judiciary Committee, House Ways and Means Committee, and House Oversight Committee released the report on December 5 as part of their investigation into the Biden family’s financial affairs.

Two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, came forward earlier this year and told Congress that the DOJ had “obstructed” criminal investigations into Hunter Biden’s conduct and had deviated “from the normal process” and “provided preferential treatment” to the President’s son.

The GOP report also refers to claims by Shapley and Ziegler that the DOJ even allowed the statute of limitations to run out on charges, withheld evidence, and “tipped off defense counsel about pending search warrants.”

Throughout the investigation, the House Committees heard testimony from several witnesses, and the report notes that this testimony corroborated the IRS whistleblowers’ claims.

Republican leaders of the three committees are leading efforts to impeach President Biden for allegedly receiving funds from foreign companies in exchange for influence and hope to place the matter before the House for a formal vote in December.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has meanwhile released information obtained from subpoenaed bank records showing that Hunter Biden made regular payments to his father from income received from several Chinese companies. Owasco PC, owned by Hunter Biden, sent monthly payments of $1,380.00 to Joe Biden, the records show.

“This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world,” Comer said. He added that his committee will continue to inquire as to to what extent the President was involved in his son’s complex international business dealings. “President Biden and his family must be held accountable for this blatant corruption,” he said before adding, “The American people deserve no less.”

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