Haley Commits To Taking Mental Competency Test, Calls For Others To Take One

(ConservativeSense.com) – Former UN ambassador and current presidential candidate Nikki Haley says she is willing to commit herself to taking a mental competency test to serve in office and called on her GOP opponent, former President Donald Trump, as well as President Joe Biden to do the same.

Haley made the remarks over the weekend, on Sunday, Feb. 11, during an appearance on CBS News after “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan raised the subject. Brennan noted how Haley has homed in on “mental acuity” as “a signature issue” for her campaign over the last year and said she was “handing out paper copies” of a cognitive assessment test. He then asked Haley when she planned on taking the test herself and if she was concerned that the suggestion might “turn off” elderly voters.

Haley replied that she had “no problem” taking the assessment but then clarified what she originally said was that “anyone over the age of 75” should be required to take the test. Haley added that she doesn’t care if it’s administered to public servants who are 50 and up. She is 52.

Haley said that what happened with Biden the previous week, as well as some recent gaffes from Trump, are just more examples of why such an assessment should be required. She was referring to a recent press conference in which Biden showed various signs of mental decline while responding to questions about that very subject in relation to how he handled classified documents and the subsequent investigation. The president also confused the Egyptian President with the President of Mexico.

The GOP candidate, who is polling way behind Trump in the presidential primary, said that voters need to “face the reality” that when people get older, they “get diminished” and that this is concerning when such people are “making decisions on [US] national security” and the future of the economy.

Haley has been singing this tune from the beginning. When she launched her campaign a year ago, the former South Carolina governor declared that Washington needed a “new generation” of leadership.

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