GOP Rep Warns Universities Of CCP’s Influence On Campuses

( – GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher has warned of the growing impact of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on American campuses. The Wisconsin lawmaker said the CCP is spreading its “coercive influence” across the United States and urged academic leaders and institutions to be “clear-eyed” about the threat.

Mr. Gallagher addressed hundreds of college officials at an Association of American Universities meeting and said, “For decades, the Chinese Communist Party has exploited the very openness at the heart of American society.” He described China’s goal as to “leverage technological advances,” expand its influence, and strengthen its international position while eroding America. He called for the closure of all student groups and organizations that receive funding directly from the Chinese government.

The Representative joins several of his Republican colleagues in sounding the alarm about what they see as an imminent threat to the nation at China’s hands. GOP lawmakers backed Mr. Gallagher, who leads the House China Committee, in a recent bid to legislate against China on campus. In August, he introduced the DITCH Act, which would prevent investment in Chinese companies, including by universities, which Gallagher argued was common.

President Trump was tough on China from the Oval Office, including with the imposition of tariffs, and current frontrunners for the GOP presidential nomination hold to a similar line, particularly Governor Ron DeSantis, who is unwavering in his criticisms of the communist state. Laws passed in the Sunshine State under DeSantis mean that Chinese nationals cannot buy land there, government devices cannot have China-made software, and relations between educational institutions and the CCP are restricted.

Critics slammed the governor for passing laws they describe as “discriminatory” and “unconstitutional,” but he has not been unmoved and unapologetic. He said his legislation “makes it very clear we don’t want the Chinese Communist Party in the Sunshine State.”

Mr. DeSantis recently engaged in a war of words with fellow GOP White House contender Nikki Haley, both accusing each other of not being tough enough.

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