FBI Receives Criminal Information From Over 40 Sources On Biden Family

(ConservativeSense.com) – A Fox News Digital exclusive is unveiling revelations from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) that the FBI has had over 40 confidential human sources and direct reports of criminal activity by various members of the Biden family, including President Joe Biden.

Grassley is revealing that the FBI in many instances actively shut down investigations and conjured the specter of “Russian disinformation” to obfuscate legitimate criminal allegations against Joe, James, and Hunter Biden.

Grassley confirmed that in at least one instance of the investigation getting blocked by FBI agents or DOJ prosecutors, the information was vetted and cleared as legitimate with no connection to any Russian disinformation operations. Grassley laid out these allegations and more in a letter to FBI Director Christoper Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In the letter, Grassley indicates he’s received information from “multiple credible whistleblowers” for the last several years, suggesting that both the FBI and DOJ have interrupted or blocked criminal investigations into the Biden family. Grassley suggested the incidents represent “significant political bias” impacting government decision-making and official business.

Grassley further suggested it was time for both men to “clear the air” if they wanted to maintain a free and open society. He suggested they had an obligation to do so.

Grassley specifically cited the investigation surrounding FD-1023, a report from a confident human source that alleged Vice President Joe Biden took a criminal bribe in exchange for getting Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin fired.

Shokin was investigating Burisma, an energy company that Hunter Biden sat on the board of while collecting a salary of upwards of $80,000 per year. Grassley qualified the complaint as “highly credible” information.

Joe and Hunter Biden were alleged to have bullied a top Burisma executive into paying them off to the tune of millions of dollars. The White House denies all the allegations and has repeatedly declared there’s no evidence of any criminal activity.

Devon Archer, a long-time business associate of the Bidens, told Tucker Carlson on Fox that Shokin was a threat to Burisma.

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