DOJ Prevented Ex-Hunter Biden Prosecutor From Talking About Case

( – The Department of Justice (DOJ) prevented a former prosecutor from speaking to a House investigation panel, according to media reports. Former Assistant Delaware US Attorney Lesley Wolf worked on the initial DOJ investigation into the president’s son but refused to answer any questions about the investigation during a Congressional hearing before Christmas.

Wolf, accompanied by her own lawyers, told the closed-door panel that the Department had “significantly constrained” her and what she could say, the Washington Examiner reported. Ashley Oliver, writing for the Examiner, said Wolf refused to respond to “nearly every question” she was asked. Wolf told the panel that she felt frustrated by the situation and wanted to be transparent and “explain the decisions made and accurately describe the actions taken,” but unfortunately, she was not permitted to do so by the DOJ.

The New York Post provided further details on the panel interview and said Wolf refused to answer 79 specific questions throughout the hearing and cited a letter from Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer as justification for her refusal. The letter states that the DOJ does “not authorize congressional testimony from line-level personnel, especially relating to an ongoing investigation.”

The panel called Wolf to testify because she was named as obstructing investigations by two IRS whistleblowers who claim the DOJ hampered inquiries into Hunter Biden’s conduct. When confronted with the claims, Wolf simply repeated that she was “not able to discuss any particular matters related to an ongoing investigation.”

Gary Shapley, one of the whistleblowers, testified to Congress in 2021 that Wolf obstructed a campaign funding violation probe involving President Biden and blocked a search warrant for a Delaware guest house owned by the President a year earlier. In an email produced at the hearing, Wolf instructed investigators to remove Joe Biden’s name from the warrant, and again, she refused to discuss it.

In his earlier testimony, Shapley said Wolf warned about the “optics” of pursuing the warrant.

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