DeSantis Offers To Boost Security After Shooting In Florida

( – Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis offered to allocate state resources to bolster local law enforcement after a shooting last weekend left two civilians dead in Tampa and nearly 20 others wounded.

The shooting in Tampa happened just a few days after a gunman in Lewiston, Maine, fatally shot 18 people, marking the deadliest mass shooting event in 2023. The latest shooting in Florida sparked widespread criticism from DeSantis’ Democratic opponents, who believe the Florida governor’s loose gun laws are truly to blame for the bloody weekend.

Rather than gun laws, DeSantis highlighted mental health as the primary issue leading to mass shootings. He said that he feels society tends “to pass the buck” with the mentally ill on the street, hoping “they don’t do anything wrong” even when there are “a lot of signs” that something is wrong with the person.

The Florida governor appeared on NBC on Sunday and promised to “be more aggressive” toward “those fringe people” who show “signs” of being a danger.

The Tampa shooting happened just a few days after a man in Lewiston, Maine, gunned down 18 people and injured many others, marking the deadliest shooting in 2023 for Americans. In the wake of that, Democrats are rallying for more gun control, as expected. Meanwhile, DeSantis is calling for those who show signs of danger to be institutionalized, and many Americans are in agreement as they face the consequences of these individuals in their communities.

The mayor of Tampa, Jane Gastor, said it’s “split second” decisions and “the proliferation of readily available guns” that are to blame for such incidents. The Democratic mayor said “one half of this equation” can be affected, implying more gun control is needed.

DeSantis won’t be the one to give it to her. He’s opposed every proposal trying to legislate gun restrictions and even signed “Constitutional Carry” into law in Florida, which allows citizens to carry without a permit.

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