Court Allows Trump To Post Lower Bond In Civil Fraud Judgment

( – Former President Donald Trump and his legal team secured another victory in the ongoing legal battles facing Trump, this one related to the civil fraud case that recently concluded in New York resulting in a massive bond. Trump was able to have that bond drastically reduced.

On Monday, March 25, an appeals court ruled that the former president will only have to post a bond of $175 million instead of the original $464 million issued by Judge Arthur Engoron at the conclusion of the civil fraud lawsuit brought against Trump by New York Attorney General Letitia James. According to CNN, the ruling also determined Trump would be able to continue running his businesses in the state of New York and gave him an extra 10 days to post the new bond amount.

The ruling came just hours after Trump’s bond deadline on Monday, which would’ve allowed James to begin collecting and seizing his assets in the event of failing to pay. The decision will most likely stop her from having a chance to seize any of the former president’s assets now that the bond is more manageable.

Prior to the ruling, Trump would’ve had to dish out a 120% payment of $550 million after interest. His lawyers argued that it would be practically “impossible” to pay such an exorbitant amount. Although his net worth is in the billions, most of Trump’s wealth is tied up in assets, particularly real estate, and bond companies often avoid seizing properties as collateral.

Engoron ruled in James’ favor in February, determining that the former president defrauded insurers and banks by overvaluing some of his properties to build his real estate empire. The original judgment handed down to Trump was $350 million, which increased to $464 million with interest. The former president’s co-defendants, including two of his elder sons, were also ordered to pay $10 million collectively.

Trump maintains that all of the cases against him are “rigged” and amount to “election interference” through a coordinated witch hunt from the White House and the Department of Justice.

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