Cost Of Biden’s Diversity Agenda Exposed To The Public

( – The US Department of State under the Biden administration recently disclosed to Congress that over $77 million in taxpayer money went toward programs focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEI) and that it will spend even more during the last year of President Joe Biden’s first term.

A provision included in 2023’s spending bill forced the administration to disclose the exact amount of money the State Department spent on such efforts. This provision was inserted by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas.

That private report, which was obtained by reporters at The Daily Wire, found that $77 million went toward DEIA-related efforts and initiatives between 2022 and 2023. Specifically, the money went towards the Bureau of Global Talent Management to fund its efforts to support a “diverse, talented, and inclusive workforce.” Twelve full-time employees were also hired for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion using undisclosed “central funds.”

Leaders in Congress who forced the State Department disclosure claim that it demonstrated the department’s “ideological overemphasis on DEIA” that has penetrated “every bureau and embassy” under the current administration. McCaul said the massive budget for these programs is designed to send a message to employees, especially “foreign and civil service officers,” that they have to “pledge allegiance” to the ideology or risk missing out on promotions.

The State Department requested about $83 million for Fiscal Year 2024 “for continued expansion” of DEIA programs and initiatives, which would bring the total amount spent during the Biden administration to $160 million. They argue that this diversity agenda represents a “national security imperative” and that the massive spending helps the department address “legal requirements” to comply with laws requiring an “inclusive environment for all employees.”

Meanwhile, Americans are struggling with the basic costs of living and outdated infrastructure as their leaders focus on diversity training. The federal government continues to send taxpayers’ money overseas or toward programs that are arguably discriminatory rather than based on merit instead of actually helping its citizens.

It’s more important for State Secretary Antony Blinken to send out memos to his employees warning them not to “misgender” others than it is to focus on initiatives that will improve the country.

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