Capitol Hill Officer Running For Congress – What To Know?

( – A Capitol police officer who gave emotional testimony to a Congressional January 6 investigation is running for a seat in the House of Representatives. Harry Dunn recently announced that he will stand as a Democrat for Maryland’s 3rd District and make the defense of democracy a central tenet of his campaign. “As a Capitol Police officer, I did all that I could do in that role to protect, defend, and preserve democracy. But that is exhausted now,” he said.

Mr. Dunn was on duty during the January 6 riots and said he experienced a torrent of abuse from Trump supporters – including racial abuse. At a later House select committee hearing, the officer said he had never before been racially abused while wearing a police uniform, and during his testimony, he referred to rioters as “insurrectionists.” He also said that people wearing MAGA hats also racially attacked other black officers.

The 15-year police veteran is active on social media and won a large following after his emotional testimony in Congress. He left Capitol Police in December and last year published a book entitled “Standing My Ground: A Capitol Police Officer’s Fight for Accountability and Good Trouble After January 6.

Announcing his Congressional plans on Twitter, Dunn received support but also widespread criticism from many people who appear to believe he is a media plant deliberately aligning Trump supporters with racism. Some tweeters posted videos alleging that Dunn lied during his Congressional testimony, and in a video produced by conservative media group The Blaze, host Steve Baker pointed to the fact that no other police officers have been permitted to speak out about their experiences.

Mr. Baker also claims there is no video footage showing Mr. Dunn’s “heroic” actions on January 6, but much evidence to suggest that the officer was emotionally unstable and angry. His video shows Dunn behaving strangely and aggressively toward protestors. “He was already distressed, seeing things, and imagining things,” Baker said.

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