Border Patrol Busts Driver Hauling $3.5 Million In Fentanyl Pills

( – California Border Patrol agents pulled over a driver this month and made a shocking discovery: hidden inside the vehicle were dozens of bundles of fentanyl pills, a haul worth millions on the black market.

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents pulled over a woman driving a gray sedan heading north on Interstate 15 on Thursday. The woman, 24, was stopped near Temecula, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), who were accompanied by a patrol dog that identified the sedan as suspicious.

The dog’s alert led to an inspection, during which 62 bundles of pills were discovered hidden inside the vehicle seats and door panels. Official tests conducted by the CBP of the blue pills confirmed the capsules contained fentanyl. A total of 81.4 pounds of the drug were seized by the agents. If sold on the street, the haul would’ve brought in an estimated $3,692,000.

The vehicle was also seized by Border Patrol, after which the culprit and narcotics were handed over to the Special Investigations Bureau at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. The woman’s name has not been released, nor have any details about her potential charges.

Patricia D. McGurk, the Chief Patrol Agent, praised her colleagues for keeping the country safe and promised to continue serving “on the frontlines against fentanyl.” According to McGurk-Daniel, Border Patrol is working to disrupt and dismantle “the drug trafficking organizations” profiting off of the drug.

During Fiscal Year 2023, Border Patrol agents of the San Diego Sector seized over 1,285 pounds of the deadly opioid, which has been flooding into the US at record rates since President Joe Biden took office. Some reports found that deaths due to fentanyl in the US have quadrupled over the last five years.

The latest drug seizure in California is part of a wider national effort to combat the threat of fentanyl in the US called Operation Apollo, which includes cooperation between local, state, and federal agencies.

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