Biden Unsure When American Hostages Will Be Freed

( – After a wave of hostages was set free, President Joe Biden admitted last week that he isn’t sure when any of the American hostages that are being held by the radical Islamic group Hamas in the Palestinian territory of Gaza will be set free.

Last Friday, Hamas released two dozen hostages into the hands of the Red Cross for treatment. Red Cross personnel were spotted carrying some of the rescued in an ambulance out of Gaza and into Egypt. Among the hostages, 13 were Israelis, 10 were Thai citizens, and one was a Filipino citizen.

While in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on vacation, the president said the federal government doesn’t “know when” the release of Americans “will occur,” but that they “expect it to.” Biden clarified that “the list of all the hostages” and “when they will be released” remain unknown but that the government is aware of the number of those set for release, which the president said he hopes and expects “will be soon.”

Biden added that the condition of the Americans who remain captive is also unknown, as is whether they are even still alive.

The president also suggested that the attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 was inspired by the White House’s diplomatic efforts to expand Israel’s recognition as a sovereign nation amongst surrounding Middle Eastern countries. Biden made it clear that he couldn’t “prove” this, but that he believes “one of the reasons” Hamas attacked the Jewish state is because “they knew” Biden “was working very closely” with Saudi Arabia and other countries in the area “to bring peace to the region” by encouraging “the recognition of Israel” and its “right to exist.”

The recent hostage release followed an agreement between Israel and Hamas for a cease-fire lasting up to four days, during which the radical Islamic group agreed to set free 50 hostages (all women and children) in exchange for Israel’s release of 150 Palestinian prisoners.

So far, an estimated 1,400 Israelis died in the attack by Hamas in October and around 13,000 Palestinians as a result of the retaliatory siege by the Israel Defense Forces.

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