Biden Says He Did Not Declare This Easter Sunday As ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

( – After widespread backlash for highlighting Trans Day of Visibility on the same day as Easter Sunday, President Joe Biden responded to his critics by stating he did not declare the Christian holy day as the LGBTQ holiday.

The controversy started after a Friday, March 29, declaration recognizing March 31 and Transgender Day of Visibility, which landed on the same day as Easter this year. The overlap immediately sparked a backlash from conservative commentators and Republican voters. Biden then posted a message about the holiday a few hours after the White House’s Easter message in which he told Americans who identify as transgender that he sees them, that they are “made in the image of God,” and are “worthy of respect and dignity.”

During the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a reporter asked the president what Easter means to him. After pressing him a bit, Biden finally answered that it was “time for forgiveness” and for people to get together for “a little bit of love and no phoniness.” Ironically, he called off his reply with, “Be straight with people.”

The reporter then replied by asking Biden about recent criticism from Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, who said the president “betrayed the tenet of Easter by proclaiming” the same day as “Transgender Day.” The reporters noted that Johnson called the move “outrageous and abhorrent” and asked for comment.

Biden replied that he “didn’t do that” and called Johnson “thoroughly uninformed.” In a statement from the White House, it was later clarified that Biden meant he wasn’t “the one who established” the LGBTQ holiday or chose March 31 as its date of recognition. The holiday dates back to 2009, while Easter Sunday fluctuates depending on the Spring Equinox and full moon.

Regardless of his explanation, many felt it is contradictory for a president who claims to be a practicing Catholic to officially recognize a holiday celebrating transgenderism, and they felt the focus on it this year was an attack on Christian Americans on their religion’s most holy day. Among those critics was the Log Cabin Republicans, a group representing LGBT Republicans, who condemned the holiday’s overlap with Easter.

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