Biden Receives Ultimatum By Speaker Johnson on Ukraine Funding & Immigration

(  – Recently elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson just gave President Joe Biden an ultimatum on the war in Ukraine: no additional funding to aid in the conflict against Russia will be provided by the US until the president reforms the immigration system and secures the border.

In a letter on Tuesday, Johnson told the White House that additional aid for Ukraine would only happen if the president met certain conditions. The ultimatum comes as Biden and the Democratic Party have continuously pushed for more funding for Ukraine over the last few months as Republican support for the war effort dwindles.

According to the letter, Johnson said whether or not Congress approves additional aid to the Ukraine war effort is “dependent upon the enactment of transformative change” to the immigration system and border security policies.

The Tuesday letter was a response to a letter from the White House issued the previous day by the Office of Management and Budget, which warned that US funding for Ukraine would run out by the end of this year. The director of the office said “no magical pot of funding” exists and that the federal government is “out of money” and “nearly out of time,” warning that Russia is more likely to win the war if the flow of cash and equipment from the US stops.

Since the war began after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, over $100 billion has been sent to Ukraine by the US to assist in the conflict, but the GOP has increasingly raised concerns and questions about why that money isn’t spent on helping American citizens instead.

In November, Johnson announced plans to combine the funding for Ukraine with funding for the immigration system and border security. He argues that Americans “feel very strongly” about the issue and that the US “can and should” help others “around the world,” but that the country should “take care” of its “own house first.”

Although Ukraine remains in the fight, the nation doesn’t seem to be faring too well against Russia. And US lawmakers remain divided on how much America should even be involved in the complicated situation abroad as the borders at home remain open.

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