Biden Crushes Donald Trump in New Swing State Poll

( – Seven months ahead of the general election, a new poll indicates that President Joe Biden may hold a double-digit lead in Pennsylvania over former President Donald Trump.

Franklin & Marshall College conducted the survey over a period of 12 days, between March 20 and 31. The results found Biden was ahead of Trump, who is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party and likely to face off with the president in November for a rematch after losing to Biden in 2020. The recent survey found that Biden would receive 48% of the vote while Trump came in at 38%, marking a substantial increase since a previous Franklin & Marshall College poll showed Biden at 43% and Trump at 42%.

Pennsylvania is one of the key swing states, and over the last 90 years, only two presidential candidates have won the White House without winning Pennsylvania, and no Democratic candidate since 1948. In 2020, Biden won Pennsylvania by around 80,000 votes. Trump won it in 2016, which broke a 24-year-long blue streak.

Despite Biden’s lead, the poll also found that neither Biden nor Trump are viewed very favorably by Pennsylvanian voters. Fifty-seven percent of respondents viewed Biden unfavorably to 42% viewed him favorably. Trump was viewed unfavorably by 60% of respondents and favorably by only 39%.

Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania may not be enough to secure a victory in November as he has catching up to do in other swing states, where he’s polling less favorably.

Although he won the Democratic Party nomination in Wisconsin with 88.6% support, 8.3% of Democrat voters in the state voted “uninstructed,” which is the state’s equivalent to an “uncommitted” vote. Many of those voters did so as a protest vote over Biden’s handling of the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The issue has been hemorrhaging votes for Biden among his base for months.

Pennsylvania’s primary election will be held on Tuesday, April 23.

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