Biden CHALLENGER Says He’s Alienated This Group Of People…

( – Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson said President Biden is driving young people away from the ballot box. The Democrat criticized Biden’s campaign launch video, suggesting it revealed a President who is out of touch with the American people. It will particularly alienate young people, she added. 

“I think that video was very out of touch, and that’s what people are feeling. I think an entire younger generation would stay home in droves in response to what that video is advancing as the administration’s pitch to the American people,” she told Hill TV.

The self-help bestseller also reiterated her complaint regarding the Democrats’ decision not to hold primary debates. She said this does not amount to democracy, and the party is acting as though Biden has no challengers. 

In an extended tweet, she furthermore questioned why Biden is the Democrats’ candidate, given that polls show vast numbers want somebody else. Williamson wrote that 50% of Democrats and 70% of Americans want a candidate other than Biden to fight the Republicans in 2024. Primary voters must hear from other candidates so they can make an informed decision, she wrote. 

The Democratic National Committee has provoked condemnation and mockery for not holding presidential primary debates. Twitter chief Elon Musk joined the criticism and said his platform would give all contenders a voice. In response to a tweet from Robert F. Kennedy, who joined the race earlier this month, Musk said all candidates deserve the opportunity to be heard. 

Even some leftists expressed dismay at the DNC decision. Host of the left-wing Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, commented that the Democrats are demanding everyone fall in line behind Biden. “Not having debates is undemocratic and ridiculous. No progressive should agree to this kind of power grab,” he said. 

The Democratic primary race now has three declared contenders. Marianne Williamson, Robert F. Kennedy, and President Biden. The President announced his intention to run only days after his approval dropped to 39%.  

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