Poll: Trump Better Than Biden In A Potential Nuke Crisis

(ConservativeSense.com) – A recent poll found that many Americans favor former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden in several critical areas, such as their respective mental capabilities, diplomatic relations, and how each of them has handled the nuclear crisis between nations.

On Sunday, March 31, the Daily Mail published an exclusive report on recent poll data collected by J.L. Partners. The poll surveyed 1,005 respondents likely to vote in the 2024 presidential election on various issues, from foreign relations to mental competency.

According to the results, about 56% of respondents would be more confident in the former president at the helm to make critical decisions in the event of a nuclear emergency, in contrast to 45% who preferred Biden. In an even bigger lead, 65% preferred Trump in a hypothetical scenario of having to conduct a diplomatic meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, while only 43% trusted Biden to handle such a meeting.

Trump also had a slight lead in other areas, such as which candidate is better at remembering the names of officials and world leaders and who would be best at comprehending and remembering details from briefings on national security. The poll also showed a big divide with independent voters, most of whom did not believe Biden would fare too well in a diplomatic meeting with Putin.

James Johnson, the co-founder of J.L. Partners, commented on the data and said that although the two candidates are close in age, it doesn’t seem to factor in as much on how people perceive each of their vitality. James said that although Trump, 77, is only three years younger than Biden, 81, people seem much more certain he is “up to the job” and can manage the affairs and “pressures” of the position.

James said a lot of the difference in how voters perceive Trump compared to Biden is the former president’s “presentation,” as well as his “frenetic activity” and speaking abilities. Trump’s physical stamina also matches his general message of “strength,” while people perceive Biden as frail.

Although Biden’s doctor declared him “fit for duty” in February, questions about the president’s health and mental capabilities have followed him throughout his entire time in office.

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