Former Representative Pete King: ‘Insanity’ to Oust Speaker Johnson

( – Former Republican Rep. Pete King has issued a stern warning that attempts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson are “insanity” and could severely damage the GOP. Mr. King made the remarks in the wake of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent motion to vacate the chair, the second by a Republican in a year.

Speaking on Wake Up America, New Yorker King said the GOP must face the realities that the Democrats control much of American politics, including the Senate and the White House, and therefore, Republicans should step more carefully. “What she’s talking about is going to cause more chaos and confusion,” he said of Taylor Greene.

The controversial Georgia Rep. filed the motion after Speaker Johnson agreed to support a recent spending bill, in a move that mirrored that of Floridian Rep. Matt Gaetz last October. On that occasion, the motion was carried through and resulted in Kevin McCarthy’s removal and weeks of chaos as Republicans failed to agree a successor.

Taylor Greene explained her maneuver by saying the GOP needs a Speaker who will not pass a “trillion dollar Democrat wish list” that doesn’t tackle “the border invasion” and continues to fund the “weaponized government.”

NBC News’ Marianna Sotomayor noted that Taylor Greene’s motion will not come up for vote until after the recess, but the Georgia lawmaker said she has “no timeline” and the decision on Johnson’s future will be made over the next few months.

In circumstances almost identical to last October, the $1.2 trillion spending bill needed to pass through Congress to avoid a government shutdown. Having received the Senate’s approval, it traveled to the House, where it passed by 286 votes to 134. Speaker Johnson insisted it contained Republican “wins,” including $886 billion for the Defense Department, which will include a pay rise for US troops.

The last time there was a government shutdown was during the Trump administration. It lasted from December 22, 2018, until January 25, 2019.

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