Democrats Are Giving IDs To These Criminals!

( – Democrats in Minnesota have forged ahead with their plans to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The State House, controlled by Democrats, has passed a bill that will allow around 77,000 illegal migrants to drive.

The legislation now passes to the Senate, where Democrats hold 34 seats to the Republicans’ 33. Governor Tim Walz, also a Democrat, has said he will sign it into law if it reaches his desk.

The Driver’s License for All bill will reverse the requirement that licenses should only be given to those who are lawfully resident in the United States. It is yet another move by the Democrats to reduce incentives for migrants to come to the US legally. In some Democrat-controlled states, such as California, illegal aliens can access state financial aid and medical care. In 2022, the Golden State began offering food aid to people in the US illegally. 

If the law is passed, Minnesota will join California and Massachusetts in providing unlawful aliens with the same privileges as US citizens and legal immigrants. California has issued more than a million driver’s licenses to so-called “undocumented migrants” since 2015, with more than 400,000 issued in the first year. Massachusetts has issued around 85,000. 

Allowing illegal aliens to drive is a key campaigning point for open border activists because a license is often the first thing requested by police when they pull over a driver. In having such a license, illegal immigrants can avoid further scrutiny and avoid arrests that may place them in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Minnesota has around 81,000 unlawful migrants living in the state. The majority of these are from Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. As of 2020, the majority (26%) had been living in the US for less than 5 years. The vast majority, 77,000, are over the age of 15, and 37% are unable to speak English. 

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