30% Of Gen Z Women Identify As LGBT

(ConservativeSense.com) – A new poll found that at least one in five adults in Generation Z identify as LGBTQ, including almost 30% of women of the generation.

Gallup published the poll on Wednesday, March 13, and the results showed that around 22% of adults between 18 and 26 years old in 2023 self-identified as LGBTQ, which is higher than the Millennial Generation of which almost one in 10 identified as such – that is, those between 27 and 42 years old.

The trend increases with each young generation. Five percent of Generation X identified as LGBTQ, 2% of the Baby Boomer Generation, and only 1% of those in the Silent Generation self-identified that way. The report showed that each newer generation was “twice as likely” as the one that preceded to identify in the grouping.

Data from last year showed that the general adult population reached 7.6% who identify as LGBTQ, representing an all-time high. Just under 86% still considered themselves heterosexual or straight. That number was only 3.5% back in 2012.

According to senior Gallup editor Jeffrey Jones, the driving force behind the increase is primarily Gen Z women. Almost 30% of this younger generation of women identified as LGBTQ, particularly bisexual. Jones told reporters at NBC News that “a lot of the growth seems to be happening” in this group. About 9% of women of the Millennial Generation also identified themselves as bisexual.

In fact, the poll found that bisexuality was the largest identity group within the larger group umbrella, amounting to 57% of respondents who considered themselves LGBTQ, and 4.4% of overall adults. The second largest groups were gay men, coming in at 18.1%. After them were those who identified as lesbians, who made up 15.1% of respondents. Then there are those who identified as “transgender,” who came in at 11.8%. Finally, those who identified as either asexual or pansexual were less than 2% combined.

While 4.7% of men considered themselves LGBTQ overall, women were found to be twice as likely to fall into this grouping, making up 8.5% of all women who responded.

Around 12,000 adult Americans participated in the survey, who were 18 or older. Since Gallup first surveyed US adults on the question back in 2012, the report notes that the number of adults identifying as “something other than heterosexual” more than doubled.

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