Trump Says Ron DeSantis Made The Wrong Decision!

( – Once again, former President Donald Trump takes aim at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, this time criticizing DeSantis over his battle with Disney in the Sunshine State.

Trump took to Truth Social on Tuesday, where he tends to dish out most of his criticism of DeSantis, posting about the ongoing battle between DeSantis and Disney. He said that DeSantis (who he called “DeSanctus”) “is being absolutely destroyed by Disney.” Trump said DeSantis’ “original P.R. plan fizzled” and that the Florida governor is now “going back with a new one in order to save face.”

Trump then said that instead of going to war with Disney, DeSantis should be focusing on amending what Trump calls “the squatter MESS.”

The former president didn’t specify what he meant by this, but he was most likely referring to a recent story of a landlord in Florida who’s been begging the governor to “change the law” after a situation in which squatters occupied her house for 34 days and caused up to $38,000 in damages. The 61-year-old landlord, Patti Peeples, said that “tenants are not the same as squatters.”

Meanwhile, DeSantis’ battle with Disney World escalated after the company’s board passed new agreements negating the law meant to strip Disney of its authority to self-govern.

DeSantis responded by asking his chief inspector general to investigate the Disney board’s move, as well as floating certain proposals to get back at the entertainment enterprise such as building a prison right next door. During a Monday press conference, he declared “Disney’s corporate kingdom” to be over, and said their “attempts to circumvent the Legislature and the will of the people” is “futile.”

Trump, who seems to be siding with Disney and predicts their next move may be to announce “that no more money will be invested in Florida” because of DeSantis, said that the battle waged by the governor is “unnecessary” and nothing more than “a political STUNT.”

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