Trump: Putin ‘Probably’ Involved In Navalny’s Death

( – Former President Donald Trump danced around the question of whether or not he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved with the death of political rival Alexei Navalny, which Trump said was “probably” the case but that he was not sure.

On Sunday, March 17, Trump appeared on Fox News for an interview conducted by Howard Kurtz of “Media Buzz.” During that interview, Kurtz asked the former president about the mysterious death of Navalny in a Russian prison and if he believed that Putin “has some responsibility” for the man’s death.

Trump replied that he doesn’t know, “but perhaps.” He then said he could “possibly” say “probably,” clearly trying to dance around the question in a way that answered affirmatively without claiming to know for sure. Trump pointed out that Navalny was still “a young man” and that “statistically” speaking, he should have been “alive for a long time.”

The former president added that if one goes “by the insurance numbers,” Navalny could’ve been alive “for another 40 years.” He concluded that whether or not Putin was involved, something “unusual” definitely happened to Navalny.

Kurtz then reminded Trump that Putin was accused in the past of trying to poison the political rival, who was then jailed after returning to Russia. Kurtz also noted that officials wouldn’t release Navalny’s body following his death. The Fox host then asked how “anything like that” could happen without the Russian president and other high-ranking officials at the Kremlin “sanctioning it.”

Trump replied that he doesn’t know and that no one can “say for sure,” adding that it does certainly “look like something very bad happened.”

Although Trump’s response was fair in that he left room for the possibility that Putin wasn’t involved in Navalny’s death, his Democratic opponents will most likely pounce on the remarks as more evidence of their much-touted theory that he’s in the Kremlin’s pocket by not giving a definite answer.

Russia’s war with Ukraine, which Trump claims he could end within 24 hours of retaking the White House, will surely be an issue of debate during the upcoming general election, which is looking like it will almost certainly be a rematch between the former president and President Joe Biden.

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