Trump Has A NEW NAME For Ron DeSantis!

( – Former President Donald Trump is coming for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again.

Trump posted his latest criticism on his Truth Social page on Wednesday accusing DeSantis of being “a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches.” He added that the Florida Governor “loved the vaccines and wasted big money on ‘Testing.”

Trump, who championed Operation Warpspeed before Biden entered the White House and also did little to push back against closing everything down during the pandemic, seems to also be criticizing DeSantis’ supporters for being against these things while still supporting DeSantis. The end of his Truth Social post proclaims “how quickly people forget.”

One of the major reasons DeSantis’ popularity increased over the last three years among conservatives across the nation was his unapologetic pushback against pandemic restrictions as well as mainstream media and major corporations.

The former president’s latest jab at the Florida governor follows remarks made last Saturday while Trump was campaigning, calling DeSantis “disloyal” for how he handled the pandemic, and that to run for president would also “be a great act of disloyalty,” claiming he got DeSantis in, that “he had no chance,” and that “his political life was over” before Trump revived it with support in 2018. Trump also said in an interview with the Associated Press that if DeSantis runs it’s fine with him because he’s “way up in the polls.”

So far, Trump is the only major member of the GOP to launch a 2024 presidential campaign, and everyone – including Trump himself – seems to know that if DeSantis chooses to enter the race, he would become the biggest challenger for the Republican nomination.

An anonymous source close to DeSantis said that Trump’s verbal attacks make clear that “Gov. DeSantis is living rent-free” in Trump’s head.

Although he’s dismissed any notions of running for the White House in 2024 while focusing on gubernatorial re-election, DeSantis dropped a few hints of the possibility, including in his November re-election victory speech.

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