This “Green” Alternative Is Leading To Multiple Deaths In U.S. State

( – There has been an alarming increase in the number of dead marine animals washing up on the Jersey Shore. As a result, locals have reiterated their call for the imposition of wind farms along the shoreline to be reversed.

Local fishermen and council representatives say the construction of wind turbines is responsible for the death of sea mammals and these are now washing ashore at an unprecedented rate. Fishermen say they have never known such a high level of threat to whales in particular.

Longtime commercial fisherman Brick Wenzel said the sight of dead whales floating at sea was extremely upsetting. He added, “One vessel said they had seen 3 different whales in one trip. Another had parts of a whale come up in their net. Most of the captains are generational fishers and are in their 60s — No one has heard of or seen anything like the carnage being witnessed.”

Government agencies and environmental activists deny any link between the “green” initiatives and the death of sea creatures. “It’s just a cynical disinformation campaign,” Greenpeace oceans director John Hocevar said.

In September last year, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy ordered a significant increase in wind turbines around the Jersey coast. At a climate change event in New York City, the Governor said his state would generate 11,000 megawatts from wind turbines by 2040. “This is an aggressive target, but achievable,’’ he said. 

Despite denials from officials in New Jersey that wind turbines are killing wildlife, admissions to that effect have been made in other instances. Even America’s iconic eagles are falling prey. A bulletin by the American Wildlife Society estimated that 573,000 birds are being killed every year by the turbines, including 83,000 hunting birds such as eagles. The deaths can potentially play havoc with the natural food chain and throw ecological systems into disarray. Even though killing eagles is a criminal offense in the United States, none of the companies that produce the turbines have been held to account. 

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